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Šip-Betanija Newly developed settlement SIP Bethany belonging to the municipality of Centar I take pride in the newly built high-quality, Housing units and occasional facilities. Villages act as independentboard of the newly built parks and playgrounds for children, large supermarkets and smallerstores, pharmacies and various service-trading activities. Surely it should be pointed Bolgrano-building complex
Koševsko brdo Ko�evsko brdo is bordering the local community in the Municipality of Centar, Sarajevo in relation to the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo. It borders with the local communities lower Vele�i?i, Bethany - SIP, Breka - Ko�evo II, Ciglane - Gorica and Mary court - black top. It is entirely urban village, with all its attendant medical, educational and similar facilities initiatednumerous cultur
City Center Numerous cultural and historical monuments are testimony to the rich past that is to place aunified culture of the Western and Eastern civilizations, and this city gave special authenticity. Year 1984. were held in Sarajevo XIV Olympic Winter Games, Sarajevo, which introduces the very center of high tourism and sport. Every year the city on the river Miljacka host a series ofcultural festivals
Marijin Dvor The area of the city which was named after his wife Augusta Maria Braun Braun. There is a monumental commercial building residential Augusta and Mary Brown, whose facade was madein the style of renaissance and classicism. The building bears the symbol of the architectural heritage of the Austro-Hungarian period in our country and the representative of the late historicism. It is built on two o
Stari Grad Stari Grad (Old Town) is one of the municipalities of Sarajevo and the historical center of the city.It covers the eastern half of the historical part of Sarajevo, including Alifakovac, Bascarsija,Bendbasa, Bistrik and Vratnik. Ba?arija Sarajevo's old bazaar and the historical and cultural center of the city. Ba?arija, builtin the 15th Ages when the Isa Bey Ishakovi? founded the town. Keywo
Grbavica Grbavica occupies a quarter of the city of Sarajevo. There is situated, for some, the most beautiful promenade of the city known as Vilsonovo promenade, which offers a walk along the river Miljacka, lots of greenery and parks. Promenade is closed to cars every working day of 17 hours and on weekends all day. There is also the football stadium Grbavica. Named after the settlement of Grbavica. Bu

About Sunita Hewing

Sunita Hewing real estate has been serving international community in Sarajevo since 1999.

Sunita Hewing, agencija za promet nekretninama surađuje sa medžunarodnom zajednicom u Sarajevu od 1999. godine.

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  • Address: Braće Kršo 36  Sarajevo, BiH
  • Agent: Sunita +38761145664
  • Owner: Edin