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With many years experience we are always looking for new real estate for rent to foreigners (Aambasade, medzunarodne organizations, foreign and domestic companies, banks, etc.), furnished and unfurnished houses and apartments with certain standards, which dictate an international clientele.

We always need good homes, apartments for rent in the area from Grbavica to the Old Town.

Also, for customers who need to rent a house, apartment or any property we always offer a number of smaller apartments, luxury apartments, smaller and larger houses, house residencijskog type, offices, etc.

Period of rent varies from three months to several years.

After you call us we will gladly advise on the best way to mutual satisfaction to rent your property.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or e-mail.

Until recently co-operation!

About Sunita Hewing

Sunita Hewing real estate has been serving international community in Sarajevo since 1999.

Sunita Hewing, agencija za promet nekretninama surađuje sa medžunarodnom zajednicom u Sarajevu od 1999. godine.

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  • Address: Braće Kršo 36  Sarajevo, BiH
  • Agent: Sunita +38761145664
  • Owner: Edin